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Baby and Back

While economists have long suggested that Canada will experience serious labour shortages in the near future, the bigger risk to Canadian employers and the economy is a skills mismatch.

Why We Want to Hire Difficult People

There exists the notion of “difficult” employees, who we assume need to be “dealt with,” rather than benefitted from. However, what if the difficulty is in the eye of the beholder?

Meet the HR Influencers: Anne Marie Marleau, CHRE

If you want to work for Anne Marie Malleau, you have to howl – literally.

HR Career Paths: Danielle Samuels, RCIC

Raised in East Vancouver by a family who immigrated to Canada from the U.K. and South Africa in the 1960s, it makes perfect sense that Danielle Samuels is now helping new faculty from all around the globe find their way to UBC.

Emotional Safety at Work

The International Labour Organization indicated in 1999 that one of the most serious problems facing companies in the new millennium is workplace violence.

The Job-hopping Phenomenon

The average employee tenure across industries is slightly longer than four years, but among certain high-demand job profiles, that timeframe drops to approximately 18 to 36 months.

Preventing Boomer Brain Drain

As the Baby Boom generation retires, companies are rightfully concerned about losing critical knowledge as their most experienced workers prepare to leave.

Driving Out Disengagement

It’s easy to see why engagement is a top priority for so many organizations; there’s no shortage of research linking higher engagement scores with bottom-line boosting factors as better retention and productivity.

Meet the HR Influencers: Ruth Brothers, CHRL, CHRE

Finding a job you love getting up for each morning can be rare. Almost unheard of is doing it twice over the course of one lifetime. But that’s exactly what Ruth Brothers has accomplished.

HR Career Paths: Sue Lefebvre, MSW, RSW, PCC

While most people avoid conflict, Sue Lefebvre knows tackling it head-on is the key to helping individuals and teams develop their interpersonal skills and conflict competence.