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22 Results in category July/August 2015

No-Drama Leadership (A Review)

A look at No-Drama Leadership: How Enlightened Leaders Transform Culture in the Workplace, written by Marlene Chism.

Handbook of Human Resource Management in Emerging Markets (A Review)

A look at the Handbook of Human Resource Management in Emerging Markets, edited by Frank Horwitz and Pawan Budhwar.

The Stay Interview (A Review)

A look at The Stay Interview: A Manager's Guide to Keeping the Best and the Brightest, written by Richard Finnegan.

Marketing Above the Noise (A Review)

A look at Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing that Matters.

From Procrastination to Motivation

Procrastination can be an incredibly destructive thing: first, you decide to check Facebook or take a coffee break before getting to work on a project, and somehow before you know it, the due date has arrived and you’ve accomplished almost nothing.

Meet the HR Influencers: Christine Discola, GPHR

Today, Discola is director and country human resources officer for Citigroup Canada, responsible for leading the HR function for Citi’s 3,000 Canadian employees and all of the organization’s business lines.

HR Career Paths: Christine Stewart

Christine Stewart originally planned a career in education, but after graduating from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree, a position within the HR department during a summer internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers derailed her plans.

Report Abuse

Cyber-bullying isn’t an issue solely related to teens; it’s seeping into our workplaces.

Western Business Bias

A gap exists with respect to the psychological mindset between western cultures and emerging market cultures, and yet the western business model has generally been the default setting for global business.

The New Culture Wars

As the economy continues to improve and the labour market tightens, it is becoming clear that the war for talent is over, and talent has won.