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Trust is the New Engagement

Over the past decade, the conversation about trust in the workplace has continued, and international research is showing that investing in a high-trust workplace culture yields clear business benefits.

First Responders

According to a recent Nielsen Consumer Insights survey commissioned by the Canadian Red Cross, most Canadian employees don’t feel confident in their ability to help with serious medical emergencies.

Uncharted Territory

HR professionals are bombarded with information on a daily basis.

Managing Performance Management

According to a recent survey by Corporate Executive Board, 95 per cent of managers say they’re dissatisfied with their performance management systems and 90 per cent of HR executives don’t believe their existing systems yield accurate information.

Former Moist frontman David Usher spoke with HRPA’s Duff McCutcheon on why creativity is important for everyone and how to re-engage your creative self.

Cost management, talent management and productivity remain top current priorities for HR and non-HR business leaders in 2015, unchanged from 2013.

Creating Win-Win Solutions for Youth Unemployment

In Canada, over 500,000 youth are not in education, employment or training (NEET). In the Toronto region, the number comes to over 80,000 for youth aged 15 to 24. These young people are effectively in limbo.

Working through Trauma

When traumatic events occur, the aftermath commonly interferes with a person’s ability to function normally in their personal life and at work.

Plot a Course to Strategy

Deadlines, meetings and jam-packed calendars make it difficult to think much beyond the here and now.

The Professionalization of HR

It has been several decades since the “personnel manager” has evolved into the present-day “HR professional” when referring to someone who practices human resources management. But what does this title mean?